And So it continues...

Session 3 recap

Dangerous Mines

Last we saw our stalwart adventurers, Asron the wizard was left standing among the dead bodies of his comrades. With quick haste, he triaged the group, determining that one man was left alive: the bard. After reviving him, the two decided to gather their dead and head back home to lick their wounds, but just as they were departing, a sudden noise came from the upstairs bedroom.

And now a recap:

  • The party investigates the noise.
    • Asron takes the bodies back to the wagon, leaving the bard to do the investigating.
    • The bard sneaks upstairs and peers in the keyhole. Seeing someone there, he retreats back to the wagon.
    • Asron, seeing that the bard wasn’t going to do this alone like he’d hoped, and seeing in the upstairs window that someone is indeed up there, decides to go up and figure this out once and for all.
    • He watches bravely from the staircase while he orders the bard to open the door.
    • It turns out to be Kosef, the (fighter? rogue? barbarian?), a member of the Fire Knights. He and his fellow brethren were overcome by the undead menace within the mansion, and he alone survived.
    • He joins the party, so long as the group promises to deliver him to glory and/or death.
  • Miracle at the wagon
    • It turns out that Asron incorrectly diagnosed his other companions as dead.
    • In fact, not only are they alive, they are in a top bill of health.
    • Oh, Asron. You silly wizard. You can’t do anything right.
    • The party decides not to look a gift horse in the mouth, and entirely accepts that their party are alive and well, and that nothing bad will ever come of this.
    • This even is never ever brought up again.
  • The party rest at town
    • Kosef goes shopping.
    • Asron attunes to his soul gem.
    • People get drunk
  • Roadside troubles
    • On the way to the mines the next day, bandits waylay the group.
    • After a downright rude conversation, the bandits attack.
    • The group makes short work of them, although not without injury.
    • They rest before continuing on their way.
  • The group are racists against undead.
    • At the mines, they encounter many skeletal undead, which seam to be minding their own business.
    • As the racists they are, the group decides to commit hate crimes, and kill the undead simply for being undead. They later congratulate themselves.
    • As they proceed into the mines, they find more skeletons just loitering around. The party systematically kills them all by dropping weapons by the undeads feet, then yelling, “Look out. He’s armed.” Thus giving them probable cause.
    • Fortunately, no press were around.
  • The necromancer
    • At the back of the mines, beyond a chasm, the group discovered a necromancer.
    • The necromancer said something about how we were bothering him
    • As this man was present when Kosef’s allies were killed back at the mansion, he decides to bother the necromancer quite a bit indeed.
    • The fight is complicated by a chasm separating most of the party from the necromancer.
    • It is further complicated by the necromancer having an ungodly number of hitpoints.
    • Seriously, it’s like the guy was Rasputin or something. We stabbed him and shot him and cut him and he just wouldn’t go down.
  • The party rejoices.
    • And much loot was had.


  • Is this the end of our party’s foray into the mines?
  • Is Faellan and Astryl really right as rain? Or is something more sinister behind their unexplained good health?
  • Is the necromancer actually dead? Or is he going to come back like it’s a Slasher movie?
Find out next time in: So it continues…


  • Bandits: 2300 cp, 1200 sp, 60 gp, Bloodstone (50 gp), 2 x Chalcedony (50 gp), Chrysoprase (50 gp), 2 x Jasper (50 gp), Onyx (50 gp)
  • Bandits (bonus): 2500 cp, 1200 sp, 80 gp, Small Bag of Incense (25 gp), Ceramic Dice (pair) (25 gp), Rabbit Fur Belt (25 gp), Rabbit Fur Vest (25 gp)
  • Mines: 2000 cp, 1000 sp, 30 gp, Azurite (10 gp), 2 x Banded agate (10 gp), Blue quartz (10 gp), Hematite (10 gp), Lapis lazuli (10 gp), Obsidian (10 gp), Turquoise (10 gp), +2 Ammunition (50 blowgun needles), Bag of Beans (6 beans), Potion of Superior Healing



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