And So it continues...

sesson 1

Whittenberg festival

Quick recap

Everybody was summoned by Commander Brian Highgrove to investigate some undead happenings going on at a mine to the west. Four people were hired. One man, Asron, was already in attendance and arrived with Highgrove.

When the High Dark Lord arrived, everyone came out to watch the procession. But (gasp) it was attacked! First, one arrow came close to hitting the high lord, but actually it wasn’t close at all. A rabble of rebels was attacking. And the party assisted in fighting them.

After they retreated, Commander Wrex Greyscale Order the group and one of the Lords bodyguards to pursue the retreated person. The group did, and they tracked him down to a closed off alleyway.

They had a final showdown, where two rebels were captured alive. The bird guy carried one off to his commander, while the party kept the last to interrogate for themselves…



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