And So it continues...

Session 7 recap

Brian's making promises again with shady outsiders

Ok for an actual summary, the session went a little something like this. Feel free to add chums, as I am probably just remembering the stuff that happened to my character.
  • We left town at the break of dawn, started travelling through the forest
    • Saw some lumberjacks from the town taking down the darkwood trees, seemed like it was taking teams of 4 or 5 a while to actually get even one tree down
      • We don’t care. “Life’s a bitch, we ride on”
    • Noticed that the animals were all heading toward the center of the forest, weird, but whatever
    • Faellan recalls a bedtime story about some kind of “protector of the forest” creature that maybe was from this place? Unsure
  • We camp for the night, the wizards make a couple tiny huts for us
    • Lazlo sings us a lullaby
    • Lazlo hears what sounds like a child laughing, wakes up Faellan, the pair decide to tromp into the jungle together. Without the rest of the group. At night.
  • Eventually (like 4 hours later) they stumble upon some kind of sexy woodland critter/druid firelight dance party.
    • They join in the revelry.
    • After a few hours of romping, everyone is tired and goes home, HALIFAX (NPC) introduces himself as the protector of the forest, lets us know he’s been watching us, and offers to teleport us back to camp (in exchange for a favor to be named later, but it’s k AJ will probably just let that slide)
    • They are tired the next day after getting like 1 hour of sleep. Astryl attempts to rouse them with a well-placed light spell in the eyes. Faellan voluntarily blinds himself in response. Astryl counters with some kind of ungodly loud noise. Faellan gives up and get out of bed.
    • “life’s a bitch, we ride on”
  • Onward into the plains, toward the mountains. Nothing of note happened that day.
  • We wake up the next day, and the words “we probably won’t have any problems with orcs until we hit the mountain range” were barely out of Asron’s mouth when we heard the sound of orcish battle horns
    • We peaced the fuck out of there (longstrider+pass without trace aw yis), no encounter
  • We make it into the foothills by nightfall, camp
    • Lazlo probably plays a lullaby again, I don’t remember. He’s really into the mothering thing.
    • Middle of the night, we are ambushed by a couple hill giants and their stupid wolf pets (or maybe the wolves just joined in for other reasons, it’s hard to say… wolves are a shifty bunch)
    • Wizards tee off on the giants with fireballs, lightning bolts, and magic missiles galore. We fight them off. Kosef and Faellan both take a bit of damage, but nothing fatal. The horses are untouched and unfazed by the action.
  • We rest up until about noon the next day (so we get that sweet, sweet long rest HP back)
    • Make it to a hidden campsite in the mountains (we found it thanks to our clairvoyance bird’s-eye-view spammer, Mr Astryl). Seems to be affiliated with the railroad (maybe? had some symbols marked on the tents or the nearby rock face or something that was the same as what we saw in town)
    • The camp is… EMPTY (dun, dun DUNNNNNN)
  • Welcome to Level 6



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